Injured and Need Healing? On The Spot Massage Carrollton Tx is here to provide quality therapy and appropriate education for those seeking massage services.

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Massage Carrollton Tx Full Body Massage

Whether you choose 60, 90 or 120 minutes, prepare for a session of restoration for your mind and body. During this medium-firm pressured massage, feel the stresses of your everyday life melt away with hot organic massage oil and steaming aroma infused towels. Experience true mental and physical release while being massaged from your scalp to the tips of each toe.

Massage Carrollton Tx Deep Tissue Release

Deep Tissue Techniques are utilized for relief of chronic pain or difficulties due to injuries (sprains, pinched nerves, whiplash, etc.)

1 hour – $90

A focused detailed session geared toward specific relief in your upper (neck, shoulder, arms, hands) or lower (low back, hips, legs, feet) body.

90 Min – $130

 An extended session allows for an integrative “full body” massage with Deep Tissue techniques for your body’s most stressed areas.

2 Hours – $170

Experience the best of both worlds with a fusion of both relaxing massage and Deep Tissue techniques to leave you stress free with lasting pain relief.

Massage Carrollton Tx Sports Therapy

An Integrative massage utilizing Myofascial and Deep Tissue techniques with moderate stretching aided towards the specific areas needed to get you back into the game! I have helped with pain and performance for athletes in running, volleyball, basketball, football, golf and martial arts.

Think of me for your junior athlete as well! High school sports put a strain on their young bodies. I can help to relieve those cramps, strains and pulls and assure they don’t present as injuries later on in life.

Massage Carrollton Tx Deluxe Services

Enhance any service with these deluxe add ons!

Extended Session - $1/minute

No massage is ever long enough! Add a few extra minutes on your scalp, feet, hands, etc!

Aromatherapy – $10

Choose from calming or rejuvenating aromas from nature’s finest pallet to help entrance or invigorate your mind.

Hot Stone Back Treatment – $20

Therapeutic heated stones used with both Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques to bring blissful release to your back’s tired and aching muscles

Hot Stone Full Body Treatment – $40

Why should your back get all the love? Add these hot healing stones to your full body massage to heighten your experience and deepen your relaxation.

30 minute upgrade – $40

When it comes to time on the table, MORE is always better! Extend your session for optimal results!