Injured and Need Healing? On The Spot Massage Carrollton Tx is here to provide quality therapy and appropriate education for those seeking massage services.

Service Discount Plans

Monthly Option – Enjoy a 1-month trial before your account is automatically debited!

Discount Plan Policy: The monthly discount plan offers regular clientele the opportunity to receive their services at a discount. As this is not a membership or a package plan, no services will be accumulated or rolled over to the next month in the event the customer is unable to schedule or receive a massage. The discount plan can be canceled at any time, with at least 24 hours notice to avoid an automatic debit.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellation must be confirmed no later than 24 hours before the scheduled debit or the cancellation will be honored for the following month.

$60 /month for one 60 min massage
  • $75 for additional massages
$90 /month for 1 90 min massage
  • $100 for additional massages
$120 /month for two 60 min massages
  • $75 for additional massages

Cancellation/Return policy: After the first 30 days from the enrollment date, no cancellations or returns will be processed for annual discount plans, aside from extenuating circumstances that will be reviewed and/or approved by management.

Maintain - One Pay Option
$699 year
  • 12 60 minute Deep Tissue massages – 4 MASSAGES FREE!
Rebuild - One Pay Option
$1349 year
  • 24 60 minute Deep Tissue massages – 8 MASSAGES FREE!
Maintain - Three Pay Options
$239 month
  • 12 60 minute Deep Tissue massages for three payments of $239 – 1 MASSAGE FREE!
Rebuild - Three Pay Options
$477 month
  • 24 60 minute Deep Tissue massages for three payments of $477 – 2 MASSAGES FREE!

Discount Plan Upgrades

Referral Program

For every referral who signs up for discount plan, $10 off your monthly rate or massage, $10 in cash or $10 in retail

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