Injured and Need Healing? On The Spot Massage Carrollton Tx is here to provide quality therapy and appropriate education for those seeking massage services.

About Us

I am passionate about giving my clients the results they are looking for, be it relaxation, pain relief or pain prevention.

Healing for Body and Mind

Andrea Daniel, Licensed Massage Therapist

I am Andrea Daniel, the owner and lead Licensed Massage Therapist here at On the Spot. After being an LMT for 7 years, I have gained experience in various massage modalities. I specialize in results-oriented Deep Tissue therapy and take pride in my ability to help with pain relief and recovery.

  • I am thrilled to present my massage company; where you can receive an integrative massage that fits your specific needs. 
  • I believe education is the foundation of massage therapy.
  • I believe the therapist and the client should be the ones to benefit most from the service provided.
  • I believe I have found a way to bring those ideas together, along with a friendly, knowledgeable staff and a detailed oriented approach.

Welcome to On the Spot Massage!

Knowledge is Power
After being educated at one of the top massage schools in the state and receiving specialized post-grad training, we believe there is power in knowing as many details as possible about the body and the way it works . We also believe you should know exactly what you’re getting and why it is working!
Customize Your Wellness
No two bodies perform the same. At On the Spot, you can rest assured that your therapist will learn your muscles; specific reactions, restrictions and abilities. You will leave not only with relief, but with suggestions on how to keep you at your best!                                        
All Natural Products
All massages are performed with 100% pure sunflower oil or vegan massage cream and all essential oils used for aromatherapy are organic and free from chemicals or perfume.

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